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  • Tradition

    Where we come from

    146 years of progress and innovation in textiles! Only one thing remains the same – production carried out exclusively in Germany.

    A family tradition begins. A great deal of experience accumulates along the way from being a traditional handicraft business to becoming a renowned industrial enterprise.

    The cornerstone is laid for industrial textile finishing. In Kulmbach master dyer and clothier Otto Schüler makes an important breakthrough in industrial textile finishing.

    Expansion and relocation. A new production building is constructed and the business is relocated from the town centre to the Albert-Ruckdeschel-Straße industrial area.

    Falk Walther, the company founder’s grandson, takes over the reins in management.

    Building expansion increases production space.

    Largest investment ever made in the company’s history. Schüler & Co. K.G. invests in the latest machine technology for finishing high-performance fabrics.

    Following years of service to the company, Heiko Knörrer is appointed new member of the Schüler & Co. K.G. executive board.

    Suddenly and unexpected company owner and CEO Falk Walther dies on December 3, 2017. We are grateful for decades of his commitment to the company. The ownership of the company Schüler & Co. K.G. is from now on shared by Heiko Knörrer and Annett Walther. Heiko Knörrer continues to manage the business on his own.

    Michael Schneider becomes the manager of the company Schüler & Co. K.G.

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