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  • Quality assurance

    Always a good feeling

    Superior-quality, flawless finishing is at the forefront of all we do for you. This is why we inspect finished fabrics in our own in-house laboratory with the most advanced testing equipment available to ensure absolutely perfect quality before any goods leave the premises.


    WE ARE ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 CERTIFIED.

    We perform testing in line with the respectively applicable standards:

    Laboratory testing Laboratory testing
    Rubbing fastness 105-X12
    Wash fastness 105-C10
    Wash fastness 105-C06
    Water fastness 105-E01
    Sweat fastness 105-E04
    Sea water fastness 105-E02
    Ironing fastness 105-X11
    Peroxide washing fastness DIN 54015
    Hypochlorite bleach fastness 105-N01
    Light fastness 105-B02
    Spray test 4920
    Oil test 14419
    Flammability test 15025
    Protection against liquid chemicals 6530

    Non-commercial washing and

    drying methods

    Dimensional changes during washing 5077
    Tegewa drop test
    Iron shrink DIN 53894T2
    Tear strength, tenacity 13934-1
    Stitch tear growth test 13937-2
    Tongue tear growth test 13937-4
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