Schüler & Co. KG - Kulmbach/Germany
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  • Quality

    Why choose Schüler & Co. K.G.?

    Our customers’ satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure this by continually pursuing strict quality guidelines in every area of work.

    For us quality means:

    • Adhering to the shortest possible delivery times both in our laboratory and in production
    • Enabling rapid response times by being available at all times
    • 100% customer orientation
    • Achieving our main objective: the highest possible customer satisfaction
    • Guaranteeing absolute reliability
    • Our no fault tolerance policy
    • Continuous process analysis and optimization
    • Economical, sustainable production to streamline the textile value chain
    • Using only the most highly qualified personnel
    • The ability to perform nearly every relevant inspection and check in house, thanks to our own testing laboratory

    In short:
    the highest possible customer satisfaction!

  • Direct contact

    SCHÜLER & Co. K.G.
    Albert-Ruckdeschel-Str. 12
    95326 Kulmbach

    fon +49 (0) 9221/506 - 0
    fax +49 (0) 9221/506 - 46