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  • Textile finishing


    Our IT-supported technology park enables ecological, efficient and highly reproducible manufacturing results. Innovative, state-of-the-art production methods combined with highly qualified professionals enable finishing for custom textiles that is not only forward-looking but also gentle on fabrics.

    We use the latest generation of automated manufacturing equipment and our own in-house development department to individually address every customer request – all of which is simply our way of ensuring the highest level of quality and helping improve and optimize the functionality of your special materials.

    Continuous process optimization is just as much a part of our production philosophy as custom project design, which we recommend to customers who wish to achieve highly specific results. Our three-shift operation, modern fleet of machinery and targeted organization all guarantee rapid order processing.

    Schüler & Co. K.G. always works in accordance with the latest industry insight and standards and coordinates new developments with customers. The only way to continue to improve our position on the market as the leader in finishing and treating high-performance fabrics and yarns is to drive significant advancements in technology.

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