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  • Piece dyeing


    Our top-of-the-line dyeing machines help us achieve the optimal results our quality standards demand for all woven and warp-knit products.

    Our laboratory and production line work exclusively with the latest dyeing apparatuses/machines and join you in making decisions on how products turn out. Our laboratory and sample dyeing plant also enable us to produce small batches for you.

    • Jet
    • Soft-Jet
    • Dye beams
    • Jiggers
    • Winch dyeing machine

    Our laboratory has over over 200 dyers that we can use to make lab samples for you extremely rapidly on any substrate and any dye class.

    Product widths of up to 2.20 m (7.2 ft) are available.

    You benefit from:

    Extremely fast, uncomplicated order processing
    Optimal colouring
    Guaranteed reproducibility of your colouring results

    Our ability to meet even the highest quality standards

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