Schüler & Co. KG - Kulmbach/Germany
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  • Location

    Made in Germany

    Our administrative headquarters, production facilities, laboratory and logistics centre are located in beautiful Kulmbach. This county town lies at the heart of the Bavarian administrative district of Upper Franconia, around 25 km (15 mi) northwest of the festival city of Bayreuth, Germany.

    Thanks to its outstanding ground water quality, Kulmbach has traditionally been a popular production site for the food and beverage industry and is renowned for its premium beers. The area’s claim to “good, pure water” is also a decisive advantage for Schüler & Co. K.G., ensuring careful, gentle handling of your special materials. Added to this is Kulmbach’s favourable geographic location and infrastructure.

    Connections to the major roads B85 and B289 and the A9 (Munich-Berlin) and A70 (Bayreuth-Schweinfurt) motorways provide the optimum infrastructure network for suppliers, customers and employees.

  • Direct contact

    SCHÜLER & Co. K.G.
    Albert-Ruckdeschel-Str. 12
    95326 Kulmbach

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