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  • Research & development


    Schüler & Co. K.G. will give you the technological advantage you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors. We guarantee continuous process optimization to eliminate potential sources of error early on and use the most modern lab dyeing machines available for yarn, jet and beam dyeing to enable optimum reproducibility of the properties and colours of your special fabric.

    When you work with Schüler & Co. K.G. you benefit from:

    • Careful quality control
    • Our own in-house chemical and physical laboratory
    • Constant optimization of the environmental compatibility of the processes used
    • Smooth production processes
    • The optimum colour setting for the respective substrate in all dye classes
    • The option of exclusivity for jointly developed products
  • Direct contact

    SCHÜLER & Co. K.G.
    Albert-Ruckdeschel-Str. 12
    95326 Kulmbach

    fon +49 (0) 9221/506 - 0
    fax +49 (0) 9221/506 - 46